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I have been working as a tax practice since 2006. Initially I learned this profession under my dad and then I accepted this profession. In 2013, I became a Commercial Tax Practitioner (CTP). In 2015, I completed my law studies. In June 2017, the Goods and Services Tax was adopted by the Government of India all over India. Since then I have been working in the Goods and Services Tax profession. Which is still ongoing. I created this website so that I can share my knowledge with everyone. As well as those who do not know the cage in the matter of taxes, I can also guide them through my website.



This website is not just about taxes. This website will help people to get the latest news of the country and the world and also the latest information of finance and business in the country and the world. Accordingly, banking, job, government notifications, circulars, various types of products, etc. will be helpful for the people here.


The purpose of this website was to make every decision of the government available to the general public. And also according to the Hindi language of India but it often happens that the information given here is in English language. And the general public does not understand that. So there is no need to worry. People who don’t know the information we provide here can let us know by writing in the comment box. Our team will contact the comment sender and explain the content by translating it into Hindi.

Further to know that all the information served in this website is provided on the basis of full Government Notices, Circulars as well as Press Release Notes, Media Notes etc. issued by the Government of India. No fake or misleading information is provided through this website.

However, if you feel that the information we provide is incorrect or inaccurate, you can send us a link to what is incorrect in the comment box. Our team will study it carefully and explain it to the person who contacted us in person. If we make a mistake we will remove the information from our website and if the commenter makes a mistake we will provide proper guidance.

By Tax Help .